Sambas, December 15, 2016. Puskas Baznas held socialization and implementation of National Zakat Index (NZI) at Sambas, West Kalimantan.  Deputy Director of Puskas, Mohammad Soleh Nurzaman, explained the important of NZI as the measurement standard to evaluate the program of zakat in Indonesia. Sambas regency, and some other few regions, is chosen as the pilot project before the national implementation in 2017.



Cooperating with Baznas Sambas, Puskas Baznas have also implemented survey on effectiveness and evaluation of zakat distribution within the region of Sambas. Muslim is majority in Sambas, which is estimated about 90% of population (513,100 people in 2014). However most of them are poor, making the role of zakat is very crucial and strategic in helping the mustahiq there.



The survey was executed to the recipients of zakat community development (ZCD) program. This program was designed by baznas sambas to help the people at Desa Jirak, the poorest village in Sambas.  Most of the people at Jirak are living along the sambas river.lack of access to infrastructure and land transportation are the main reasons why the people there are living on the river edge until today.


One of the ZCD program implementation is by providing a boat that used as a means of transportation for the people at Desa Jirak. The boat is also utilised as a river ambulance to take the ill people to the nearest community health centre ( puskesmas), and it is used until now. Other form of ZCD program, baznas sambas also provides a pepper plant seeds so that people can work and that it is expected to increase their revenue.    In the next goal, Baznas sambas will give loom to the people there. This rural community is well known for weaving products, but on the other hand does not have the loom as it is very expensive. so that it is very necessary to give funding or to buy looms for them. (puskas news/