Mataram, Desember 23, 2016. Puskas Baznas held socialization and implementation of National Zakat Index (NZI) at Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The event was held in Fave Hotel Mataram, and attended by comissioner of all regencies in lombok island, NTB.



Deputy Director of Puskas, Mohammad Soleh Nurzaman, explained the important of NZI as the measurement standard to evaluate the program of zakat in Indonesia. Nurzaman also gave technical assistance on how to fill in the required documents to estimate the NZI at both provincial and regency level.



All the commisioners who attended the event were very enthutiastic by giving comments and questions during the event. Suggestions were also given particularly on the technical aspect of NZI.  one given input is related to planning, especially for activities information and data so that all the things needed can be well prepared.



In addition, the regions also need to be involved in the project of IZN estimation. This involvement not only would increase the success of the program but also could provide knowledge transfer to the Baznas at regional level. (