Thursday (22/12), Bima City was hit by a heavy flood that demolished almost all public and private facilities in the city, including the logistic and kitchen utensils which were really needed in that situation.

Sukamto, field chairman of Baznas disaster response in Bima, said that around 1000 packages of food are served everyday. They are distributed to the affected location directly. But, some of people also come directly to the public kitchen prepared by BAZNAS Bima.

The distribution locations include Sarae district: Saleko and Sarae village; Nae district: Salam and Nae village; Ntobi district: Busu village; Penatoi district: Penatoi village; Raba district: West Dompu, South Dompu, East Dompu, and Bara village; Tanjung district; Dara district; Mande 1 district: Mande 1 and Mande 2 village; Manggo Nau district; Melayu district: Melayu district; Ntobo district: Ntobo and Peruga village. "We hope that this food distribution could give a little help to Bima people." Sukamto added. (