Puskas BAZNAS commence the implementation of Zakat Village Index (IDZ) in a number of ZCD points in Indonesia. One of the ZCD points that is Bon'e Buntu Sisong Village, South Makale Subdistrict, Tana Toraja District, South Sulawesi Province. Tana Toraja District is a region famous for its rich local traditions and commonly visited by domestic and international tourist.

IDZ implementation activities are conducted on March 14, 2018, located at Masjid desa Bone'Buntu Sisong. The village is located in a hilly area and there is no access to public transportation to reach this location, and also the village is not yet connected with electricity, these and other conditions make the village considered appropriate to be the recipient of ZCD program aid. In IDZ implementation activities, the BAZNAS Puskas team was accompanied directly by BAZNAS Tana Toraja District, inviting the village apparatus, mosque administrator, candidate of zakat collection unit (UPZ), and the mustahik of ZCD program beneficiaries. The event begins with introductions from Central BAZNAS and BAZNAS of Tana Toraja District, completion of questionnaires and key IDZ respondent interviews, and continued with guidance to the beneficiaries.



Rep : Kamilah Kinanti