JAKARTA – Center of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS) BAZNAS invited zakat experts from various backgrounds, both academics and practitioners in zakat and Islamic economics. The experts shared their knowledge and ideas in this focus group discussion (FGD) conducted by director of PUSKAS BAZNAS, Mr. Irfan Syauqi Beik, Ph.D. The FGD was held in Arthaloka Building, Central Jakarta, on September 28, 2016.

Mrs. Nana Mintarti, MP, one of the BAZNAS Board, gave a speech at the beginning of the discussion. She said that as the shariah economics is being promoted to be an alternative for national development, BAZNAS should promote zakat as one of tool to contribute to the nation. Therefore, BAZNAS, as the coordinator of zakat in Indonesia, is willing to portray the development and performance of zakat through a zakat index. This index will be developed to give an empirical report about zakat development as part of the transparency conduct. Also, this zakat index can be used as a benchmark in the international level. Mr. Irfan Beik added that there was no comprehensive index about zakat to date. Therefore, through this FGD, the experts were expected to give inputs on Zakat Development Index (ZDI) that would be constructed by PUSKAS BAZNAS.

The FGD resulted some insightful suggestions about the important matters to be considered in the index construction. Next agenda, PUSKAS BAZNAS will have further studies about ZDI and will conduct the next FGD as the follow-up of this event.