Image : corn became the leading commodity in Mendah Village

Low Village, Jayapura District, East OKU District became one of the measurement object of Zakat Village Index (IDZ). IDZ measurements help determine the eligibility of a village given zakat funding, as well as to see the process of development of Zakat Community Development (ZCD) programs to be more effective, relevant and measurable in the implementation. IDZ measurements in Desa Mendah were carried out in 5 dimensions that make up IDZ namely economic dimension, education, social health of humanity, and dimension of da'wah.

Agriculture became the main sector driving the economy of the villagers of Mendah. Some agricultural products cultivated by villagers are corn, rice, rubber, pepper, and palm. The great potential of this field of agriculture can certainly be developed into superior products and have more value to sustain the economy of the villagers. In addition to the great potential of many challenges faced by villagers, one of them is the infrastructure of the village entrance. Inadequate infrastructure makes access to capital difficult, and the value of marketing of products is low. One of the interventions that can be done to encourage the development of the economy of the villagers who is constrained by the constraints of access to infrastructure is the assistance to access capital, and open marketing access to agricultural products, especially corn farming which became one of the many products cultivated by the community.

ZCD program that has been done by BAZNAS is a drilling program of clean water source in 6 hamlets spread in Mendah Village, one of the main obstacles faced by villagers is access to clean water. The condition of the villages in the highlands causes the source of clean water is difficult to obtain, and can only be done with drilling of water with a certain depth.

Rep : Yunus A