PUSKASBAZNAS. COM - Center of Strategic Studies, The National  Board of Zakat ( Puskas BAZNAS), The main mission of Prophet and Apostle's mission is to be a pioneer and social engineer. With this mission, every Prophet and Messenger comes with pioneering towards the creation of Islam under the auspices of Allah's guidance. With this mission too, the Prophet Muhammad performed his prophetic duties.
"In order for the Prophet to successfully carry out his mission of prophethood, Allah SWT gives 2 main capital to him, knowledge and contribution", according to Muhammad Choirin, a researcher at Puskas Baznas in front of ZCD Baznas Tanah Datar companion team. The event was held at Ampera Jorong Restaurant Jirik Kelok Taruko.
The event was a series of visits to the Center for Goat Breeding in 4 (four) ZCD locations, namely Jorong Subaran, Jorong Jirek, Joro Kadurang and Jorong Koto Gantuang, Nagari Andaleh, Batipuh. In the eyes of the program's beneficiaries, Mr. Choirin stressed the importance of science in making the program successful. This is because of science that leads to pioneering. "None of the developed countries, without the support of the scientific tradition of the people. With science, all become measurable and have a justifiable basis." added by Mr.Choirin.

In addition to science, the tradition of contributing must be the breath and philosophy of struggle in alleviating poverty. "The work of zakat is the work of the sky that requires a spirit of reverence. As we maximize our contribution, the more we get the noble place on the Divine side. Because the best person is the one whose presence is felt by many people ", advises Mr.Choirin while quoting the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW. "With the background of science and spirit contributing to this maximum, Muslims will be present as pioneers and community leaders."

Riko Afrimaigus, Chairman of ZCD Program Baznas Tanah Datar came to express his deep appreciation of this activity. "Hopefully the injection of motivation from the holy scriptures and hadith Nabawi spur us to always increase the capacity of self and maximize contribution", said Riko at closing the event.

(Puskas News | puskasbaznas.com | Rep: M.Choirin)