Zakat Community Development (ZCD) program in Sikka district has been going since 2016 in Kampung Buton, the village of Kota Uneng, Alok District which is located in the beach side near Port L Say Maumere. BAZNAS Sikka District intensively provide assistance and empowerment for at least 24 families who are members of a group of beneficiaries, both men and women.

There are at least 3 types of fishermen in the village of Kota Uneng, namely (1) Capture fishermen: Fishermen who going to fish directly to the sea, (2) Fishermen as Retailer of Fresh Fish: women and men who buy fresh fish from fishermen directly or buy it from Fish Auction Place (TPI), (3) Preservative fishermen: most of women make the remaining fish become salted fish.

The empowerment of fishermen, initially focused on the women in managing high supply of fish as well as to increase the sale value. Then came the idea to make a processed fish (Abon Ikan). The selected fish are Cakalang and Grouper. This product unfortunately has not had good marketing, so the processing is somewhat hampered. It is hoped that this product can be enjoyed by the people of Flores in particular, and Indonesia generally.

Rep: Ninik Anisa l Ed: Tita