The village of Mbuliloo is located in Wolowaru sub-district, Ende district, East Nusa Tenggara. Almost all women both old and young in the village can weave and produce woven cloth typical of NTT. One of them is a grandmother who is 85 years old but still diligent to produce woven fabric. There are also teenage girls who have begun to learn to weave with their mothers. This tradition is of course very good to be preserved, it is just worth noting from the aspect of sustainability of their livelihood.

Woven fabric products produced by women in Mbuliloo are sold with price range Rp 400.000 / sheet (size 1m x 2 m). The price includes production cost in the range of Rp 170,000, so the net money received by weaving craftsmen is around Rp 230,000 per month. Weavers can only produce 1 sheet of cloth within 1 month. Of course it is unfortunate for such inequality, on one hand the woven fabric is produced by hand and wholeheartedly but on the other hand is less able to provide a good income for the craftsmen.

Hopefully with the help of BAZNAS through ZCD will be able to increase the livelihood and life of the weaving craftsmen.

Wallaahu a'lam

Rep: Ninik A. l Ed: Tita