PUSKASBAZNAS.COM - Central of Strategic Studies National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) has the opportunity to visit Berau District in East Kalimantan. The aim is to measure the ZCD program by using Zakat Village Index (IDZ) that arranged by the Puskas BAZNAS team. With accompanied by the BAZNAS Berau District, the visitation was held on 27 March untill 1 April 2018 to 5 villages as Zakat Community Development point program, there are Harapan Maju Village, Talisayan Village, Bukit Makmur Jaya Village, Pulau Besing Village, and Pegat Betumbuk Village. Each of the villages took for hours to be reached from the city center, with damaged road conditions or poor safety waterway. Most of the mustahik here are migration people from Java, Sulawesi, etc. They are life in concerned situation, lack of clear water, and isolated area. By this ZCD and IDZ measurement program, BAZNAS tried to empower the poor people productively.

Method of IDZ measurement in Berau District conducted by interviewing the Head of Village and other personages in the Village environment. IDZ measurements are intended to see if the programs that have been done are in accordance with the needs (post-program) or there are other programs that can be done in the village in addition to economic programs (pre-program). IDZ itself measured the 5 dimensions of zakat distribution program through Zakat Community Development namely Economic Dimension, Health Dimension, Social and Humanity Dimension, Education Dimension, and Da'wah Dimension.

Rep: Kamilah Kinanti