The Zakat Collection Unit (UPZ) BAZNAS-Mabes TNI is committed to empower the community in the remote areas of NKRI. This is done by distributing health assistance in the form of an ambulance for mustahik. Medical facilities for the poor-living asnaf are placed in Raden Sadjad Airport in Ranai District, Natuna Island, Kepulauan Riau Province.

"The ambulance is used to help the dhuafa, soldiers (TNI) and the local community," said Air Force Base Commander Raden Sadjad, Colonel TNI (Pnb) Azhar Gandala in his speech in Ranai district, Riau Islands province last week.

Airforce base commander (danlanud) explained that what UPZ BAZNAS-Mabes TNI done should be appreciated and supported by all parties.

“This is one of the solutions to overcome the limited number of health facilities in some areas such as Ranai District, "said Azhar Gandala.”

The handover ceremony attended by all soldiers and TNI officers in the Natuna Islands. The ceremony began with a mental coaching event by Colonel TNI (Caj) Nur Hamdani.

In the occasion, Nur Hamdani explained about the benefit of zakat both for the poor-living asnaf in the family environment of TNI and the surrounding community.

To date, UPZ BAZNAS-Mabes TNI has distributed zakat collected not only to mustahik residing in Jakarta but also in some areas of Indonesia, such as Tarakan, Sorong, Makassar, Surabaya, Ranai.

Nur Hamdani explained that the distribution of zakat funds, among others, is to renovate the veteran's house, as it is done in the area of Kodam V Brawijaya, living expenses for veterans, warakawuri, and orphans in the big families of TNI. In addition, he added, the procurement of lights in remote areas, renovation of madrasah diniyah, and assistance of ambulance cars.

"The fulfillment of zakat is a noble act because it brings benefits to others. Human greatness is not judged by how much property collected, but how much wealth spent for others, because in our possessions there is the right of the needy, so pay zakat in order to clean up the wealth as well as the path to greatness," he said. 

The highlight of the event was marked by the handover of ambulance keys from Colonel TNI (Caj) Nur Hamdani as chairman of UPZ BAZNAS-Mabes TNI accompanied by central BAZNAS staff to Danlanud Raden Sadjad, Colonel (TNI) Pnb Azhar Gandala.

(Source: | Puskas News | | Trans: Aneu)