PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Sekadau – On Saturday (08/04), an assessor from the Center of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) conducted the Zakat Village Index (IDZ) survey in Semabi Village, Sekadau District, West Kalimantan Province. Accompanied by the head of BAZNAS Sekadau Districts and his staffs, the survey was done to assess and monitor the village for the purpose of zakat distribution program implementation. The head of Semabi Village and his staffs who are very well informed about the condition of the village in terms of economy, health, education, social, and da'wah were the resource persons of the survey.

The harvest season has just finished

Since 2012, Semabi Village has been being one of villages where the BAZNAS’s Zakat Community Development program is implemented. People of Semabi Village had been trained to make organic fertilizer for their own needs. The organic fertilizer is mainly made from straw. Therefore, they do not need to buy fertilizer any longer. Moreover, recently village youths are encouraged to cultivate plants such as ginger. In addition, the youths are also trained to develop their talents in art, such as creating Islamic music groups.

Ginger cultivation land of the youth

Rep: Amelya