This time, Puskas BAZNAS conducted a survey of Zakat Village Index (IDZ) in Otobasa sub-village on Saturday (04/07). In this region there is the largest Muslim community compared to other areas of Keranji Paidang village, Landak district, West Kalimantan. Muslims in this hamlet must co-exist with other believers who raise pigs. In addition, the Muslim children of Otobasa sub-village is also required to study non-Islamic religion as there are no Islamic education teachers available in Elementary School.

Besides in education, villagers Otobasa also have problems in the field of health, social & humanity, and da'wah. The majority of residents do not own bathrooms in their house, so most of sanitation activities are performed in the river. In addition, the condition of the road is still rocky so that people have difficulty in performing their activities, and many more problems still exist in the village. Therefore, IDZ survey was conducted to determine the condition of Otobasa sub-village. So the program performed is suitable with the target. This is expected to help the villagers in overcoming their problems. The survey was conducted by interviewing the head of Otobasa sub-village,  village head Keranji Paidang, Islamic scholars and leaders in the community.


Rep: Novi l Ed: Ulfa