Image: Livestock Group of Menda Karya (One of the ZCD Progam in Banyumas District is the empowerment of breeder group)

On the sidelines of the visit Puskas BAZNAS who are doing the measurement of Zakat Village Index (IDZ) in Wlahar Wetan Village, Kalibagor District, Banyumas Regency. The head of Secretariat Puskas BAZNAS had the opportunity to visit one of the Zakat Community Development programs in the region. IDZ measurements in Wlahar Wetan Village were conducted to see if the villages were worthy of being assisted with zakat funds. In addition, IDZ measurements can also be used to see what program priorities can be performed for the region in addition to economic programs. IDZ encompasses the five dimensions of IDZ: the economic dimension, the educational dimension, the health dimension, the social and humanity dimension, and the dimension of da'wah.

One of the ZCD programs in Banyumas district is the empowerment of goat breeder groups. The group of goat farmers located in Wlahar Wetan Village, Kalibagor Subdistrict is named Livestock Group of Menda Karya. One of the activities of Menda Karya cattle group is fattening and sheep breeding. The number of sheep raised by Menda Karya group works amounts to more than 100 individuals. Livestock is managed with a group system with each member between 5-10 people. By seeing the potential existence of grass and abundant feed, goat farms become an alternative income for the people of Wlahar Wetan village. Intensive feeding can accelerate the growth of sheep body weight becomes faster. In addition to grass feed directly given, the feed is also given in the form of fermented feed and supplementary feeding soup for faster growth of sheep.

Rep: Yunus A