IDZ Assessor with the secretary of Nagari Balai Baiak, one of the hamlet head, and BAZNAS Padang Pariaman District

PUSKASBAZNAS.COM, Padang Pariaman – On Monday to Tuesday (16-17/04), an assessor from the Center of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat (Puskas BAZNAS) conducted the Zakat Village Index (IDZ) survey in Nagari Balai Baiak Malai III Koto, a village in Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatera Province. Accompanied by a staff of BAZNAS Padang Pariaman Districts, the survey was done to assess the village for the purpose of zakat distribution program implementation, which in this case is Zakat Community Development (ZCD) program. 

The head of Mudiak Aia hamlet, village midwife, and secretary of Nagari Balai Baiak as well as the head of people welfare of Nagari Balai Baiak who are very well informed about the condition of the village in terms of economy, health, education, social, and da'wah were the resource persons of the survey. Even the head of the hamlet who is usually called wali korong invited the assessor to go around the hamlet which is one of the most needy hamlets in the village. During the tour, they visited one of the residents' homes in the hamlet inhabited by a family with many children with malnutrition. Some time ago they had lived in a very narrow and simple hut, but now they have been given home so that they can live more decent lives. The condition of one of their children who has malnutrition is also slightly improved.

A new (left) and an old (right) houses of a family in Nagari Balai Baiak village

Nagari Balai Baiak Malai III Koto is a village in Padang Pariaman District bordering Agam District. Coconut tree is a kind of plants that often be found in this village. However, the production of this plant has not been developed optimally. The villagers only sell the fruit without doing any processing whereas the plant actually has a lot of benefits, even can be said all parts are useful. The same thing also happened on corn and other crops.

The village is proposed by the BAZNAS Padang Pariaman District as the new location of ZCD program in Padang Pariaman after the program in another village ended in 2016.

One of BAZNAS Padang Pariaman District commissioners and IDZ assessor


Rep: Amelya