PUSKASNAZNAS.COM (25/04/2018) BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS), has the opportunity to measure Zakat Village Index (IDZ) in a village of Langko, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara province.

Geographically, this village is a mountain of Rinjani hills, with a source of clean water taken directly from the mountain area. This village has 6400 people. Headed by a village head named Mr. Arjuna, with 7 heads of sub-villages or Dusun.

In conducting this field survey, representatives from Puskas Baznas i.e Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal accompanied by BAZNAS NTB province Secretary, Mr. Awaluddin, and Vice Chairman of BAZNASWest Lombok Mr. TGH Azhar Rosyidi.

This survey aims to strengthen this village plan which will be the point of "zakat village" which is community empowerment village through zakat instrument.

Based on surveys and interviews, this village was once famous for its liquor production, with the efforts of the village head and seven hamlet heads, now transformed into a village of empowerment. Examples of products include Chips Tempe Najmul Khoir, Ginger Fiber and Sugar Ants, and more. This product successfully entered into various supermarkets and large markets.

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