Batu Base is a hamlet located in Ranggung Village, Payung District, South Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung. This hamlet has been decades isolated from outside access. The only entrance to this village is through swamps that can only be passed by using a motor boat for approximately 20 minutes. Once arrived at the village entrance, we still have to walk about 15 minutes to reach residential areas.

As an isolated area, this village does not have any infrastructure to support daily activities. All residents' houses still use wooden boards and there is only one public toilets used by all the villagers. They are accustomed to perform hygiene activities in the river stream located in the village.

For educational activities, it is only this year that people in the Batu Pangkalan hamlet send school-aged children to study in nearby villages to conduct school exams. While for everyday learning activities carried out in the hamlet, there is no limitation of age and level of class.

As for the activities of worship, this hamlet residents will also perform the new Ramadan fasting ceremony in the coming fasting month. Previously the villagers only knew that there were fasting activities but they did not know that in that month there was the implementation of other worship such as tarawih prayer, nuzulul quran and so on. So the religious trainers placed in this village provide enrichment related activities that are social, educational, health and religious.


Rep: Khairunnajah