Jirak village is located in Sajad District, Sambas District, West Kalimantan. The majority of people's livelihoods in this village are rubber farmers and pepper plantations. Located on the outskirts of the sambas river, these villagers make the river as a source of water for daily activities such as bathing, washing and even for daily consumption if the rain-fed water is gone.

One interesting phenomenon of this village is that most of its inhabitants each have a home-based weaving business whose customers are neighboring citizens such as malaysia and brunei darussalam. They often get uniform orders from both countries. But the thing to note is that the raw materials they get are not their own but the owner of the contractor or the collector so that from the fabric weaving they do they only get wages only. Whereas the economic potential of this weaving production can be 3 to 4 times its price of wages from one woven fabric.

Production of the Jirak village weaving business itself has been exhibited at the exhibition dekranasda held in malaysia at the end of last March. However, the obstacles faced by Jirak villagers is that the production they produce has not been packaged in such an interesting way that during the exhibition the woven fabrics on display are only given the usual plastic wrap and given the printed brand itself so that it is visually unattractive.

Villagers in Jirak village need to be given assistance and business training especially in maximizing the marketing of weaving production so that their products can have selling value which can help increase the economic potential either individually or the community in the village.

Rep : Khairunnajah