Like villages located in the suburbs, Tanjung Sari Village located in Tebing Tinggi Timur Subdistrict can be reached by speedboat approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Access to clean water is also difficult to find in this village. With almost the same natural conditions as other coastal villages, villagers of Tanjung Sari also use rain-fed water for use in hygiene activities such as bathing, washing until consumption. In the dry season, villagers of tanjung sari rely on reddish-brown peat water to substitute rainwater. There are several bore wells belonging to the residents but the water coming out of the well is also slightly brown colored so it is rather difficult to use for hygiene activities.

For economic activity most of the population livelihoods as sago farmers. The yield of this sago harvest is almost all sold to the Tohor River as there are many sago refineries in the region. In addition to sago farmers, about 50% of the villagers of Tanjung tari sari have both cattle and goats. What is interesting about the economic activities in this village is the honey cattle kelulut, the honey produced by bees kelulut. The bees are not like most bees, their shape is like a fly but they have a hive that produces honey. This honey is suspected as the main ingredient of propolis which has many health benefits. This kelulut honey is being developed by the villagers in order to be a superior product of the village of Tanjung Sari.

Rep : Khairunnajah