ISRA (Islamic Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance), which was established by Bank Negara Malaysia held the 12th Muzakarah Kewangan Islam Asia Tenggara in Phuket Thailand on 3-4 July 2018. In this muzakarah, Puskas BAZNAS Director Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik was invited to share Indonesia's experience in managing zakat of corporation, especially zakat of Islamic financial institution. From Indonesia, Dr Oni Sahroni of the DSN MUI and Cecep Maskanul Hakim of the Bank Indonesia were also among invited speakers. This muzakarah was attended by representatives from various ASEAN member countries comprising bankers, regulators, academicians, and zakat practioners. Prof Akram Laldin, Dr Ismail Luthfi of Fatoni University and Mr Adnin Pakbara (Thailand Deputy Minister at Prime Minister Office) were among prominent figures attending the event. 

In his presentation, Dr Irfan elaborated the basic concept of zakat of corporation and the method of calculating zakat of corporation in Indonesia. Irfan highlighted the use of net current asset method implemented in the country. Irfan also explained the potential of corporate zakat which reached 53 percent from total IDR 217 trillion zakat potential in Indonesia.

Several issues related to corporate zakat were raised and discussed by panelists and participants of Muzakarah. Various methods of calculating zakat of corporation were also analyzed. Irfan stated that this Muzakarah was very good event and Indonesia could learn a lot from the topic discussed. "Puskas will definitely conduct deeper research for zakat of corporation and this Muzakarah has given us a very good input," Irfan said. He also praised ISRA for arranging the event and for inviting Puskas BAZNAS to share BAZNAS experience as zakat authority in handling zakat of corporation.

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