The World Zakat Forum (WZF) is a forum aiming at harmonizing global zakat institutions in optimizing zakat as tool to increase ummah welfare and to reduce poverty and income inequality. Since its establishment in 2010, WZF has conducted several conferences in Bogor, New York, Banda Aceh, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

As continuation of these conferences, it was decided that the WZF would conduct the next conference in Melaka, Malaysia on 5-7 December 2018. The decision was taken on Wednesday (7/11) during committee meeting at Zakat Melaka's headquarter. The meeting chaired by the new Zakat Melaka CEO, Abdul Halim, concluded that postponing the conference from early November to early December was to prepare the event in a better way. The meeting was attended by host institution, i.e. Zakat Melaka and CIPS UiTM, representative of Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS) and BAZNAS delegates comprising Arifin Purwakananta (BAZNAS Deputy), Jaja Jaelani (BAZNAS Secretary) and Irfan Syauqi Beik (Puskas BAZNAS Director).

Irfan Syauqi Beik, who is also WZF Executive Secretary, said that various issues will be discussed in this conference, such as regulatory and institutional framework of zakat, risk management for zakat institution and good amil governance. "We expect that 300 participants will attend the conference, and representative from 21 WZF member countries will share their views on the discussed issues to strengthen WZF role in global arena", Irfan said. Two more countries are expected to join on board and it will add WZF member countries to 23 countries by the end of this year.

BAZNAS Deputy, Arifin Purwakananta, stated that BAZNAS provinces and cities/regencies will also be invited to attend the event as this conference will add updated knowledge and information that may benefit regional development of zakat system. The meeting agreed to also open call for paper in order to adsorb more inputs, particularly from academicians that may enhance the performance of zakat institution and zakat system in WZF member countries.

It was agreed to finalize all preparations in the next meeting that will be held on August 8 next month. Further information will be uploaded in WZF and host institution websites as well as BAZNAS website. The conference will also be combined with WZF Annual Meeting that will discuss progress of the WZF programs and planning for 2019 events.

Rep: Puskas BAZNAS