JAKARTA (26/7) - Zakat is an ummah component that potentially can risen the economic assets of Muslims. Zakat is assumed not only can lift a Muslim out of poverty but also improve a business owned by Muslim. An islamic economist from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Irfan Syauqi Beik said, asset ownership of ummah can be developed by expanding the existing business. Zakat institution can be a potential supporter to strengthen the basis of ummah economy.

"For instance, the Muslim-owned micro-enterprise is improved to be a small-enterprise and small-enterprise to be medium enterprise and medium enterprise to be bigger enterprise and so on with the involvement of zakat stakeholders,” said Irfan.

Besides zakat, ummah can rely on Islamic banks that comply with the provision of Islamic financing. According to Irfan, currently 95 percent of 57 million micro-enterprises are owned by Muslims. Meanwhile, there are 600 small enterprises and 6,000-7,000 medium enterprises. If a third of it is expanded, then the GDP of ummah will rise by 20 percent, Irfan said. He state it as donation effort of the ummah.

“This is the example of zakat involvement, the Islamic microfinance can improve the economic potential, the banks can expand the medium enterprises to large enterprises,” he said.

After the basic economy is improved, the entrepreneur is accountable to share through zakat. This ummah funds is getting back to ummah and its asset will be rose. According to Irfan, this stakeholder engagement method is a medium-term strategy in order to risen the economy of ummah.

source: www.republika.co.id | trans: Ulfah