Jakarta - In order to improve the economy of the less prosperous people, the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) launches 30 units of mustahik minimarkets Z-Mart, in Bandung, West Java. The event was held at Yeni Febriyanti’s Z-Mart on Jalan Wuluku Raya N0.22 Rt 06 Rw 10 Babakan Sari Village, Kiaracondong District, Bandung. The BAZNAS commissioner, Nana Mintarti said that Z-Mart is a mustahik economic empowerment program using zakat funds to increase the capacity of micro enterprise.

Through Z-mart, BAZNAS hopes to be able to increase the business scale of the mustahik. Since the beginning of this program, BAZNAS has established 75 units of Z-Mart in Bogor and Bandung (West Java Province), South Tangerang (Banten Province) and Langkat District (North Sumatra Province).

The activities of this program include repairing stalls for mustahik, providing management training and improving the financial system as well as providing management assistance. Each Z-mart is also equipped with digital payment platforms through the Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB). This facility is expected to prepare Z-Mart as a food stall distributing Non-Cash Food Aid (BPNT).

"Hopefully, there can be a movement to shop at the stall, so that the turnover of the stall will increase," She said.

One of the success storiesÉ of this program has been seen at Z-Mart Bandung owned by Yeni Febriyanti. The stall now has an average turnover of Rp1 million to Rp1.2 million per day. Yeni promotes her stall by giving 1 coupon from each purchase of a certain amount.

If the buyer can collect 10 coupons can be exchanged for certain items. Every Friday, Yeni also provides free meals and frees snacks for her visitors for Friday prayers. With this effort, Yeni, who previously was mustahik, was now able to pay zakat amount to Rp1 million

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