Puskasbaznas.com - Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia where Muslim are minorities, but the zakat organization, namely BAZNAS and LAZ, actively conduct activities. On August 15, 2018, representatives of the BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) team carried out activities to implement the National Zakat Index (NZI) and Zakat Village Index (IDZ)

The NZI implementation is carried out at the Bali provincial BAZNAS office located in the city of Denpasar. In addition to 2 representatives from Puskas BAZNAS, the event was also attended by the leaders of the BAZNAS Bali province. This is a periodic activity that will be held annually. In this second year, the Puskas team visited BAZNAS in the province of Bali to collect institutional data on the BAZNAS of Bali province and BAZNAS district/city in the province of Bali. In addition, they also briefed the surveyors for the impact survey of zakat which is part of the NZI implementation.

On the following day, IDZ implementation activities were held in Candikuning village, Tabanan district. Candikuning Village, especially Candikuning II, is the residence of the Muslim community in Tabanan. This activity was attended by administrators of Al Falah social foundations, BPD, hamlet heads, educators, and health workers. Interviews are conducted as well as group discussions which take place at the foundation's office. Candikuning II became one of the villages measured by the IDZ instrument because it was planned to reprogramming the ZCD program. The activity was closed with a visit to the members of the previous recipients of the ZCD program beneficiaries, among others producer of spinach chips, and strawberry farmers.