Kiyonten village is located on a slope of Mount Lawu, precisely in Kasreman sub district, Ngawi district, East Java. This village is located in natural conditions with mountainous contours, with the potential of teak wood; added to other sectors such as rice, corn and soybeans.

Some rural communities make a living through the creative industry such as craft bags and kedawung snacks that are sold on request by many people. The potential of Kiyonten village must be developed through marketing that supports not only offline but also online.

In the religious and da'wah sectors, Kiyonten is a village that requires assistance and enlightenment of Islamic da'wah. As stated by the village head that the are a number of adults who still cannot read the Qur'an well and smoothly according to the teachings of recitation.


Rep: Choirin | Ed: ADA