Islamic Relief has been known for its humanitarian programs accross the globe. Since its establishment in 1984, Islamic Relief has been operating in more than 40 countries making it as one of the largest Islamic humanitarian organizations in the world. Their program also exists in Indonesia, such as in the tsunami affected area of Aceh and earthquake hit area of Jogjakarta.

Director of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies, Dr Irfan Syauqi Beik, has an opportunity to meet Tufail Hussain, Deputy Director of UK Islamic Relief in his office in London on Thursday (13/09). Irfan and Tufail exchange their ideas and experience in managing zakat and other Islamic charitable fund. Both figures agree on the importance of synergy among the power center of the ummah. The worldwide network of Islamic Relief should be utilized to further strengthen this synergy. Irfan also calls for involvement of Islamic Relief in the World Zakat Forum, which is designed to harmonize global zakat power.

"We believe that through synergy, we will be able to improve welfare level of the ummah in a better way," Irfan said. Tufail welcome the statement and he said, "we will request all network of Islamic Relief to join this global effort to synergize all potential of the ummah." The two sides agree to follow up the outcome of the meeting that will strengthen future collaboration.

On the other occasion, Irfan who is Executive Secretary of the World Zakat Forum, also met with Ahmed Uddin, head of the program of UK Charity Right. Charity Right is the sister organization of UK National Zakat Foundation that focuses on food supply program for the poor student. It has projects in many countries. "Last year (2017), we have provided 18 million food package that was distributed to many countries in Africa and Asia," Ahmed Uddin said. He wanted to expand this program to other countries including Indonesia. Irfan as BAZNAS representative welcome the idea and agree to identify possible area of cooperation.

"Charity Right is very unique as it focuses to the very specific area, that is food supply for student" Irfan said. Mostly charity organization will not focus only on specific area like Charity Right. Irfan and Ahmed agree that Indonesia and UK should strengthen their relationship in order to reduce global problem of the ummah such as poverty and income inequality.