Dynamic of da'wah in the muslim minority countries like in UK always draws attention. One of the innovative methods of da'wah in UK is by utilizing the religious tradition of iftar, or breaking the fasting. Iftar is something that is common to be done. However, in UK it can be the way to promote Islam and to bridge misunderstanding between muslim and non-muslim. This is the background why Open Iftar was initiated in UK as explained by Founder and Director of UK Open Iftar organization, Dr Omar Salha, who got PhD in diplomacy and public policy.

"Since we started five years ago, Open Iftar has been a good media to strengthen relationship between muslim and non muslim in UK," Omar said. People of various background of religion and race can be gathered in the same place, so that communication among them can be increased. Omar also said that his organization has also attempted to copy paste this program to other western countries such as the US. Meanwhile, Director of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies, Irfan Syauqi Beik, praised the achievement made by UK Open Iftar.

"Utilizing one of the oldest traditions of Islam is very smart and innovative. We never think that it has huge impact to the relationship between muslim and non muslim," Irfan said.

Omar Salha also said that Islamic and muslim majority countries should also get involved in this Open Iftar program as it could be another media for country promotion. "I am expecting Indonesia can utilize this program to promote the country," Omar said. Omar further argues that this program can be the other way of diplomacy, i.e. people to people diplomacy. Irfan agrees with the idea as it will be the other way to effectively promoting Indonesia in UK. It will complement promotion programs that have been made in the UK. "We will convey this idea to our Embassy in UK," Irfan said. This open iftar program can also be replicated in other countries as part of our diplomacy. This will strengthen positive feedback on muslim image globally.