Utilizing IT platform is a must in today's world business including zakat and charity management. Regarding this matter, since March 2018 MuslimGiving has introduced IT platform that is specifically designed to optimize the collection of zakat and other charitable fund for betterment of the ummah. "We introduce this platform only for financing social projects of the UK-based charity organizations inside and outside UK, and not for commercial purposes," Ebadur Rahman said in a statement during the meeting with Irfan Syauqi Beik, Director of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies on Thursday (13/9) in London.

Ebadur Rahman, who is also founder and managing director of MuslimGiving, further explained that the trend of collection of Islamic social fund was increasing rapidly. It indicated that awareness level towards religiosity of the people has increased over time. IT platform facilitated that increasing trend.

On the other hand, Irfan also explained the use of IT platform by BAZNAS. "We have made artificial intelligence and robotic system to serve muzakki and other stakeholders that would like to know about zakat and BAZNAS programs," Irfan said. BAZNAS has also developed SIMBA system to increase the quality of management. "Through IT development, adaptation to this disruptive era will find its effectiveness," Irfan said. The two sides agree to support each other and to optimize IT platform.