IDZ measurements was carried out in Montorna village, Sumenep Regency. This study involved village key person who predominates as head of village to obtain the valid and reliability data. The use of Indeks Desa Zakat encourages effectiveness, relevance as well as measurability in program implementation. This village will be projected to be a target area initiated by LAZ LMI. This village was chosen because of food insecurity and the need of assistance to develop its potential.

Most of villagers work as tobacco and rice farmers. Almost all residents have their own land for their cultivation.  In addition, this village is experiencing a drought as water sources is too far, therefore in order to fulfill their needs they have to buy water from the city center at a high price. Moreover, the absence of a market makes people have to shop to the next village by using their own vehicle.

Even so, this village has advantages in terms of a high sense of brotherhood between neighbors. Besides that, the teenagers have the passion for school as high as possible which of course has a life expectancy to be more advanced. All the shortcomings do not become obstacles to think ahead.

Rep: Herlin l Ed: Tita