On its journey to Cirebon Regency, the Puskas Team accidentally met a Raw Gadung chips maker named Bu Misni. Gadung is a kind of tubers that have specificity in cooking it because it has relatively thick sap. The works done by Bu Misni are peeling, slicing, cleaning in several stages, steaming, and drying it. After the processing carried out by Bu Misni, it became chips that were dry but not suitable yet for consumption. To make it a snack that is suitable for consumption, Bu Misni sells her products to other traders to be processed by giving spices and frying them to become ready-to-eat gadung chips or ready for consumption.

Bu Misni is a wife and a mother of 9 children. Some of Bu Misni's children have been married, unfortunately the economic conditions of the children's families have not shown improvement. Bu Misni's husband works odd jobs, so that the income earned is modest and at uncertain time. Bu Misni and her husband take care of their neighbors' goats and will receive compensation if the goats have breed. Since there are no other options, Bu Misni, her husband and two of their youngest children live next to the goat cage, even like the cage, their house is also made of bamboo. The house is uninhabitable and unhealthy, although the land is the property of Bu Misni's own family. Seeing these conditions, together with the Puskas Team, the head of the BAZNAS Cirebon Regency confirmed several things both to Bu Misni and the village officials. Based on the conditions of Bu Misni's family, BAZNAS Cirebon Regency will be help to establish a house that is more feasible for Bu Misni and family.

Hopefully the wish comes true. Keep on struggling, Bu Misni! Keep being a mighty woman who never gives up on unfavorable circumstances by continuing to fight and trust Allah Subhaanahu Wa Taáala.

Rep: NA | Ed: ADA