PUSKASNAZNAS.COM (24/10/2018) BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) conducting IDZ survey in Nanggerang, Sukabumi, West Java. Puskas BAZNAS, representatives Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal accompanied by LAZ Nahdhatul Ulama (LAZISNU/NU-CARE) officers and Head of the village.

Nanggerang village has great potential of agricultural products such as cassava and corn farming. The problem faced is marketing, which is still in form of raw materials. Even though, marketing is expected to be in ready-to-consume products in the industrial processed products.

Surprisingly, the village is a zakat pilot (best practice) project. Nanggerang village zakat mature concept (infak/sedekah). Besides, the community village having the awareness to set aside infaq spending funds through "kencleng" (canned tube) media coordinated by ZIS Forum, member of NU-CARE. Within one month of collection can reach Rp. 35 million. The concept was stated in the book bellow.


These funds managed for the social needs, such as buying rice, buying ambulances, financing health clinics, developing livestock products, compensation for death, repairing public facilities, etc.

The plan, Nanggerang will be developed even better in the future by the Nahdhatul Ulama National Zakat Institute (LAZIS-NU / NU-CARE). Besides this best practice will be adopted by LAZIS-NU, and will be used as a national zakat program.

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