BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies – has the opportunity to visit several district in East Java Province on 15-18 October 2018. This visitation is intended to carry out the implementation of Zakat Core Principles (ZCP), National Zakat Index (IZN), and Zakat Village Index (IDZ). The activity started in Malang City by measuring the ZCP in district-level Zakat Management Institution Yayasan Amal Sosial Ash Shohwah (LAZ YASA), then continued to national-level LAZ LMI Office in Surabaya.

The measurment aimed to see the implementation and undertanding level of ZCP document by BAZNAS and LAZ.  The activity continued to the implementation of IZN in East Java Province took place in BAZNAS of East Java Province office, Surabaya. The measurement involved BAZNAS of East Java as the controller party to ensure the implementation of IZN in every districts/cities goes well.  The last is Zakat Village Index measurement held in Curah Tatal Village, Situbondo District, one of the LAZ LMI empowerment points. Curah Tatal Village itself located 1 hour by car from the Situbondo City. The village strecthes along 22 miles, the level of community welfare is not evenly distributed well, some hamlets are coffee producing center, while other hamlets are drought-prone areas.

IDZ serves to assess the pre-program, running program, and post-program whether the recipients are worth being assisted and the right target of the program align with the mission of zakat. IDZ measurements are intended to see exact programs based on needs and problems of the village. IDZ itself measured the 5 dimensions of zakat distribution program through Zakat Community Development namely Economic Dimension, Health Dimension, Social and Humanity Dimension, Education Dimension, and Da'wah Dimension. - Puskas News