Puskas BAZNAS team attend the invitation of the BAZNAS Siak regency in the BAZNAS Working Meeting Siak district with the theme "Strengthening the BAZNAS of Siak Regency in Managing Zakat as a Solution to Alleviate Poverty".

Puskas team, represented by one of its researchers, Ninik Annisa, also shared knowledge and disseminated one of the Village Zakat Index (IDZ) instruments formulated by Puskas BAZNAS. Explanations related to the Village Zakat Index both in concept, function and benefits, to how it is implemented in the field. The dissemination and sharing of knowledge was intended for the participants of the work meeting consisting of the Amil managers of ZIS at the sub-district level to the villages in the Siak Regency.

BAZNAS Siak Regency trains ZIS managers through various capacity building to provide a better service for mustahik and as a form of accountability for donors. One of the capacity building is the training about IDZ instrument which serves to assess the feasibility of a community in accepting empowerment zakat fund.

Rep: Ninik Anisa