On September 28, 2018 Central Sulawesi was hit by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake that was followed by a tsunami. As a result of the two disasters, the symptoms of liquidity emerged. The disaster was felt in several districts up to outside the Central Sulawesi region. However, there are three regions in Central Sulawesi which were most affected by the disaster, namely Palu City, Sigi Regency, and Donggala Regency.

BAZNAS as a government charity institution participates in countermeasures in emergency response times. Of the three areas affected by the disaster, BAZNAS built disaster posts to accommodate the needs of the affected victims. The main post is in Palu City where aid is collected from various humanitarian agencies who intend to channel their aid through BAZNAS. BAZNAS has volunteers to distribute the aid to three regions affected by the disaster.

In addition to logistical assistance, BAZNAS also provides spiritual assistance in the form of religious counseling and family counseling. BAZNAS also cooperates with Trade Corp to build a field hospital to accommodate health needs for disaster victims who have difficulty accessing health facilities.