Bogor (11/01) Puskas Baznas strengthens network in the research collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Managament, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

Indonesia as agricultural country, blessed with abundant natural wealth. Starting from the geographical side, Indonesia located in the tropics which have high rainfall so that many types of plants can live and grow quickly.

In addition, from the geological side, Indonesia is located at the point of tectonic plate movement so that many mountains are formed that are rich in minerals. Water areas in Indonesia are rich in food sources for various types of plants, fish, and marine animals, and also contain various types of mineral sources. Most of the Indonesian population has a livelihood in agriculture or farming. In February 2016, for example, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded 31.74 percent of the workforce in Indonesia or 38.29 million working in the agricultural sector. With this figure, almost two million workers in the agricultural sector have shifted to other sectors in just one year.

To explore of agrarian economics potential, the collaboration between Puskas BAZNAS and FEM IPB established research collaboration on Indonesian agricultural zakatnomics, which is the concept and framework economic of zakat in the practice agricultural economics in Indonesia.

This procession it is expected that BAZNAS and FEM IPB will be heavily involved in qualified zakat research activities that can enhance the role of zakat in the contemporary economic development. It is also expected to increase the literacy of best practices of zakat management of Indonesia at the international level.