Depok (16/01) Puskas Baznas strengthens network in the research collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia.

Ecomomy which is based on zakat will create tazkiyah character, namely an fair economy that is filled with the zakat values, cleanliness values, honesty, justice, growth, development and appreciation and respect for human dignity.

The main economic problems include choices relating to consumption, production, distribution and growth over time. Zakat is able and high potential to be make the economic system fair and stable as well as minimize the gap between the rich and the poor. Along with the zakat development of modern economic sectors, how do we look zakat at the agricultural sector, industrial sector, etc. 

To explore it, Puskas BAZNAS and FEB UI established research collaboration on the zakatnomics development concept.

This procession is expected that BAZNAS and FEB UI will be heavily involved in qualified zakat research activities that can enhance the role of zakat in the contemporary economic development. It is also expected to increase the literacy of best practices of zakat management of Indonesia at the international level.