Marlinda's eyes were filled with tears and her lips repeatedly expressed gratitude to God and thanks to the BAZNAS Jambi Province for the assistance she received. Since receiving venture capital assistance, Marlinda can buy a new stove for her business. Everyday, she works as a pempek trader. However, lately the stove has been damaged. Assistance from BAZNAS greatly saved her family's life, because as a wife she also helped her husband in earning a living. In addition to replacing the old stove, the new stove is also more energy efficient, so the expenditure for the gas needed decreases.

Marlinda is one of the beneficiaries of the productive zakat program of BAZNAS Jambi Province. In 2018, the BAZNAS Jambi Province distributed business capital assistance to 350 mustahik (zakat recipients). This number increased by 100 compared to the number of beneficiaries in the previous year. (rep: ADA)