On January 14-15 Puskas BAZNAS represented by Aisha Putrina Sari (Senior Researcher) and Amelya Dwi Astuti (Junior Researcher) visited BAZNAS Bali Province to assess zakat impact on mustahik. In Bali, two districts visited were Jembrana regency and Badung regency. The assessment is performed to collect data by interviewing the mustahik who received zakat productive. As Jembrana Regency is located in West Bali, near a port which connects a regular shipping line to Banyuwangi, it has caused the area to be quite crowded. In Jembrana district, the majority of mustahik surveyed are women. They sell snacks to help the family's economy.



Meanwhile Badung Regency is located near Kuta beach. Just like Mustahik in Jembrana Regency, the mustahik in this regency also doing business by selling products, however the products are more varied such as selling martabak, cilok, coconut and so on. Initially, many mustahik in this area were entangled in debt to loan sharks. The lowest interest rates given by loan sharks is 20%. Due the condition, BAZNAS Badung Regency tried to help them by giving zakat productive. Some of mustahik said that through zakat fund given, they can struggle to settle up their debt to the loan sharks and develop their business.


Rep: Aishah