Pekanbaru, 1/24/2019, Team of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) attended an invitation from BAZNAS Riau to conduct training on National Zakat Index (IZN) and Zakat Village Index (IDZ). The training was attended by all representatives of BAZNAS City and Regions in Riau province. The training was also attended by representatives from Zakat Collection Units (UPZ) of Riau province. The training was conducted for three days, starting from January 23 to January 25, 2019. The Puskas team was scheduled to provide training on the second day, January 24, 2019. By conductiong this training, it is expected that all BAZNAS Regions and Cities in Riau province can have a good understanding about the concept of IZN and IDZ and can implement it in their respective areas. By using the two measuring instruments (IZN and IDZ), it is also expected it can facilitate all BAZNAS in Riau province in evaluating both the performance of zakat organization and the performance of a work program.


Rep: Priyesta