In order to measure the effectiveness of zakat, a study of zakat impact assessment was carried out for all provinces in Indonesia. In the province of West Sumatra on 17-18 January 2019, 150 mustahik were interviewed as sample to determine the impact of zakat in this region. Mustahik interviewed are the mustahik who received zakat assistance from BAZNAS of West Sumatra Province, BAZNAS Tanah Datar District and BAZNAS Agam District.

Mustahik in Tanah Datar District were empowered through Zakat Community Development (ZCD) and Rumah Terampil program. In ZCD program, the empowerment is carried out by goat farming. Whereas in Rumah Terampil, the empowerment is conducted within home industry activities. Both programs has been established as a form of effort to improve the economy of mustahik.

In Agam District, the majority of mustahik who received zakat are elderly. Most of them do not have a family, so they need assistance in their daily lives. Every day in BAZNAS Agam District, there are many people waiting in line to give proposals, hoping to receive assistance from BAZNAS.


Rep: Aishah