JAKARTA – The National Board of Zakat ( BAZNAS) with Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (SBMI) Wonosobo launched Iman di Pangkuan Sang Fakir (The Faith on the Lap of the Poor) film at  XXI  Epicentrum Mall on Wendesday (6/2). Zakat preaching through film can possibly attract milenials group as they are closed to technology.

Executive Director of Indonesia Philantropy Association, Hamid Abidin said, the film launched by BAZNAS and SBMI can be effective tools to educate and campaign awareness of paying zakat upon millenial generation. 

“Millenial generation commonly prefer to get involved with interactive philantropy activites which use information technology such as film, music and etc.,” said Hamid during film launching  “Iman di Pangkuan Sang Fakir,Wendesday(6/2)

In his opinion, through it’s film BAZNAS could give role model and inspiration to philantropy organizations, especially BAZ and LAZ (private zakat organization). So they could be inspired to use more innovative way to promote zakat, as well as to attract muzakki from millenial group.

Chairman of BAZNAS, Bambang Sudibyo, said zakat is not only about giving asssistance, but also nurturing the awareness of caring to others as the poverty which afflicts this country is undoubtedly worrying.



“Therefore, BAZNAS continuously campaign and invites people to do more goodness and keep invites others to actively participate in overcoming the real problems in their environment ” he said.

He also explained, poverty does not only require material treatment, but also need spiritual solution to support the human development. This is in accordance with the Sharia of zakat which complements poverty alleviation programs by providing da'wah to mustahik..

Iman di Pangkuan Sang Fakir , the 1 hour 38 minutes duration film tell a story about Iman, a man who struggle for living a life of deprivation. In this difficult conditions, there are many people who seize the opportunity to reap benefits that are not their rights. However, Iman has the sense of caring to people in the same boat. 


Source: republika.co.id