Head Division of Zakat Collector Unit of BAZNAS Faisal Qosim at the launching of the BAZNAS Proactive Services (LAB) and BAZNAS Mualaf Center (MCB) at the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Friday (8/2/2019).

Jakarta – Zakat Collection Unit of Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta together with The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) establish BAZNAS Mualaf Center (MCB) to provide assistance for mualaf or people who just convert to Islam.

The head division of Zakat Collection Unit of BAZNAS, Faisal Qosim said that mualaf group is also part of Asnaf, a group who are entitled to receive zakat.

However, he added, the assistance provided for mualaf in BAZNAS Mualaf Center is not only in form of financial assistance.

The amanah (trust) we hold for mualaf  is not merely in form of financial support, but also in the form of spiritual support to strengthen their iman (believe), enhance their understanding about Islamic duties, laws and values in the Quran.

According to him, mualaf needs a continuous assistance and support, so they will be more firm and consistent in performing the Islamic teachings.

The Head of Istiqlal Mosque Zakat Collection Unit, Mubarok said that throughout 2018 there are 399 people who vowed to convert to Islam in the Istiqlal Mosque.

The muslim converts need a support in order to be more confident in Islam, he added.

Faisal said, besides BAZNAS Mualaf Center, BAZNAS also provide assistance for mustahik (zakat receiver) through BAZNAS Proactive Services (LAB) in Istiqlal Mosque.

According to him, BAZNAS wants the service provided to be easily accessible and widely spread, so it can benefit more mustahik.

“LAB is focusing on the speed of services to mustahik who have problems to meeting their basic needs such as foods, health care and education,” he said


Source: antaranews.com