BANDUNG - BAZNAS Bandung in collaboration with the Anti Rentenir Task Force freed as much as 1,000 gharimin (people in debt) from debt bondage to loan sharks. BAZNAS pay off the debts of every gharimin amounting IDR 1 million.

"The routine Qu’ran recitation of the ASN (State Civil Apparatus) every Wednesday is organized with the activity of providing assistance to gharimin who are in debt to loan sharks. There are 1,000 people released by us from BAZNAS Bandung," said Bandung Mayor, Oded M Danial in his press release after the activities at the Al Ukhuwah Mosque, on Wednesday (6/2).

Oded added, besides freed from loan sharks, gharimin also received an advocacy from the Anti Rentenir Task Force Team to support the poor to avoid loan sharks.

Gharimin is one of eight asnaf or people who are entitled to receive zakat for the welfare of their lives. Eight asnaf groups are the needy, the poor, amil, mualaf, riqab, gharimin, fisabilillah and Ibn Sabil.

"As Muslims, we have to help others in need. Hopefully this will be our contribution in alleviating poverty and helping Bandung citizens to be more empowered," said Oded.

In addition, BAZNAS Bandung also provided 30 sewing machines to the people who had passed the sewing training. "To help the economy of the community, BAZNAS provides 30 sewing machines that are spread out in every sub-district. It is expected to improve welfare and develop the potential of the community," said Oded.

One of the gharimin, Rahmat, thanked BAZNAS and the involving parties for the assistance. He felt helped by the assistance of the BAZNAS Bandung.

"Alhamdulillah, with the distribution of this zakat, I was able to pay off my debt to the loan sharks as well as cover my living cost," said Rahmat, the residents of Sukajadi District.