CEO of BAZNAS, Arifin Purwakananta (left) at the launching of fintech donation via SOBATKU in Jakarta, Monday (11/2/2019).

Jakarta – The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) is targeting 30 percent of the total of zakat collection in 2020 is collected via digital platform along with the trend of financial technology (fintech) development that increasingly accessible to the public.

“We have regarded fintech seriously since 2017. At that time the zakat collection through digital platform is at 2%, in 2018 the collection is 6% and this year we are targeting 15% and 30% in the following year 2020,” said Arifin Purwakananta, the CEO of BAZNAS on Monday (11/2).

According to him, as currently fintech is growing rapidly, BAZNAS has cooperated with a number of fintech platform in the last few months.

He added that the partnership with fintech provider has become a mandatory at the present moment when smart phone is flourishing and many owned by Indonesian community, both in big cities and rural areas.

According to his observation, in Japan as a developed country, the number of smart phone owner in rural Japan is not as much as in rural Indonesia. In Indonesia, fintech supported mobile phones are varies, ranging from the cheap ones to expensive. Furthermore, the signal transmitter towers are continuously built to wider the signal range.

“In terms of smart phone trend, Indonesia is way greater than Japan. Community in Northern and Southern Japan is more ‘old school’. Our smartphone is more sophisticated to the extend it can support many features,” he said.

Arifin also assured that in 2020 the target of 30 percent sourcing from digital zakat collection can be achieved along with the number of youth that will get into labour force and become muzaki.

“We step into digital world in order to attract the youth groups. They live with gadgets. Buy martabak with gadget, order cart bike and many more are done using gadget including paying zakat,” He said.

Further he explain that currently the government is also keep intensifying a noncash transaction promotion so there will be upsurge on the growth of fintech. The realization can be seen from toll road gates that only accept cashless payments or electronic money.