BAZNAS gets the 2019 Global Good Governance Award, for good governance and a commitment to social welfare. This award was received directly by BAZNAS Chairman, Bambang Sudibyo on Thursday (14/3) in Jakarta.

"Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT. Our high appreciation goes to the BAZNAS commissioners, the Board of Directors, the Secretary and surely all amilin who work hard with high motivation. They can make BAZNAS win this award. Above all, of course we are very grateful to muzaki and mustahik" said BAZNAS Chairman, Bambang Sudibyo.

He said, the increase of BAZNAS services was very sharp, now Muzaki can be served through various digital channels. This year BAZNAS developed a bigdata system for the convenience of tithe services.

In the past two years, BAZNAS received great attention from the international community. This related to BAZNAS Chairman leads the World Zakat Forum (WZF) as a world zakat movement. BAZNAS collaborates with world bodies and implements various international programs. For example program assistance to Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh border, assistance to Palestinian refugees in Gaza, assistance to Palestinian refugees in Jordan. BAZNAS also sent aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey, Somali refugee and post-disaster assistance in the Philippines.

In the 2019 Global Good Governance Award, BAZNAS won the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) category for various achievements that have been made in the success of sustainable global development goals. Where in 2016, BAZNAS and other development stakeholders signed a commitment to implement the SDGs campaign. Such as publishing Fiqih Books on SDGs, organizing seminars and workshops on Zakat-themed SDGs and actively participating in SDGs campaign programs in Indonesia.

BAZNAS has launched the SDGs programs such as Micro Hydro Power Plants (PLTMH) in Jambi, launched the SDGs City Program in Bengkulu, a collaborative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach based on SDGs programs and made various anti-stunting and food barns programs in various region in Indonesia.

This award complements the previous award, where is BAZNAS won the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Bambang hopes this award can motivate the performance of zakat management in Indonesia and to be more advanced and provide benefits to the wider community both in Indonesia and internationally.

(Source: Suarakarya | Puskas News)