BAZNAS Hulu Sungai Regency launched zakat programs such as Healthy Pregnant Women program, Scholarship, Business Capital Assistance, as well as Zakat Community Development (ZCD) Program at Dr. KH. Idham Chalid Hall on Wednesday (20/3).

BAZNAS Hulu Sungai Regency gave the assistance through ZCD HSU Makmur Program in a form of business capital for Kayakah Village and Sungai Nyiur Village, as well as HSU Cerdas in a form of scholarship for all level of education starting from elementary level to university level and also Healthy Pregnant Women Program.

Chairman of BAZNAS HSU Regency Tajuddin Noor said, the HSU Makmur Program give an assistance through ZCD in a form of business capital amounted Rp 91,040,000 for Kayakah Village and Rp 60,750,000 for Sungai Nyiur Village, HSU Cerdas program in a form of scholarship amounted Rp. 187,200,000, and Healthy Pregnant Women Program amounted Rp 125,000,000. The total assistance is Rp 463,090,000.

According to Tajuddin, the zakat collection in HSU will be success if muzakki in the community give zakat through an official zakat institution, so the benefit can be felt by the wider community.

“In the next 15 years, the zakat collection in HSU is expected to be successful if the muzakki always pay zakat through an official zakat institution,” hoped Tajuddin.

Meanwhile, the chaiman of BAZNAS South Kalimantan Province, H. Gusti Pangeran Rusdi Effendi AR who also attended this event, convey that supportive role of local government is needed in the success of the BAZNAS program in Hulu Sungai Utara regency.

“Alhamdulillah, the synergy between the local government and BAZNAS in HSU is going well,” said Rusdi.

Rusdi added, besides Healthy Pregnant Women program, Scholarship program and Business Capital Assistance, BAZNAS is also going to hold a Healthy Garden program for women who have business in culinary and Mass Marriage program for people who cannot afford it.