In order to design an effective zakat education programs to muzakki, as well as to increase public understanding about zakat in general and the importance of paying zakat through registered zakat institutions, BAZNAS Center Strategic Study (Puskas BAZNAS) is currently designing a concept of Zakat Literacy Index. This concept is a new study as there are no existing study discussing about zakat literacy both conceptually and empirically.

In designing this study, BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies had conducted several FGD with zakat activists and experts to gain feedback and expert judgement.



In the first FGD (12/3), Puskas BAZNAS invited private zakat organizations (LAZNAS) and BAZNAS representative. They appreciated the study and provided some ideas and feedback to be included in the concept.



The second FGD (13/3) was conducted inviting 3 commissioners of BAZNAS. Among them are Prof. Dr. K.H Satori Ismail, Nana Mintarti and Emmy Hamidiyah. According to Emmy, this study is a significant step to assess to which extent the community especially muzakki understand the obligation of paying zakat and they interest in paying zakat through registered zakat organization.



In the last FGD (18/3) that was conducted at Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia, Puskas Baznas invited zakat experts that represented by academician and economist. From the academician, it was represented by the Postgraduate Director of Ibnu Khaldun University, Bogor Prof. Dr. K.H Didin Hafidhuddin M.Sc and from the economist was represented by the Director of Islamic Economics and Finance Empowerment Group of Bank Indonesia  Dr. Dadang Muljawan.

After finalizing the concept, Puskas BAZNAS are going to conduct the Zakat Literacy Index survey throughout Indonesia. This index result will later be used as evaluations and recommendations for a policy.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS