On March, 26 2019 Training on using new application of IZN and Zakat impact assessment was successfully held in Fave Hotel Kusumanegara, Yogyakarta. The event was attended by all representative of BAZNAS's regencies in D.I.Yogyakarta province. D.I.Yogyakarta was the first province attended by BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) for giving training on the use of this new application. Puskas BAZNAS decided to build an application for the implementation of IZN and zakat impact assessment in order to ease the process of survey on mustahik (the recipients of zakat). This application allows BAZNAS in province and regencies level as well as other zakat organisations (LAZ) to input their achievements on funding, distribution, and management of the organization itself in one application. This application called IZN consists of two modules which can be downloaded in Play Store and operated only in android operating system.



The training begun with a presentation from Mohamad Soleh Nurzaman (Vice Director of Puskas BAZNAS for an overview of IZN and Zakat Impact Assessment in Yogyakarta case. Then, the training on using IZN application was further explained by Adhitya Kusuma Zaenardi (Junior Researcher of Puskas BAZNAS). The participants was actively participated in the training and very excited in using the application. A lot of questions was asked regards to how the application works. The participant was required to fill-up all questions in IZN Module from their own data. For Zakat Impact Assesment module, the participants especially the one whom is appointed as a person in charge of surveyor need to practice and fill up every question as they will give instruction to their surveyors. The training was ended at 1 PM. Puskas BAZNAS hope by having this training, the surveyor will not only understand of using this new application but also ease them in conducting the IZN and Zakat Impact assessment, as well as made every BAZNAS easier to fulfill their obligation.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS