The presence of BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies, known as Puskas BAZNAS, has given significant change in Indonesia zakat movement. Puskas BAZNAS has been designed as an institution responsible to conduct strategic research, to act as data center and to provide recommendation of policy for BAZNAS Commissioner Board.

Realizing the importance of these tasks, BAZNAS of East Kalimantan province has made a historical decision by establishing the first provincial Puskas BAZNAS. Puskas BAZNAS Director, Irfan Syauqi Beik, was requested to officially inaugurate this East Kalimantan Puskas BAZNAS. Irfan appreciated the decision taken by BAZNAS of East Kalimantan province. "I hope that the presence of this institution can accelerate and foster zakat development in East Kalimantan region," Irfan said in a press statement.

Chairman of BAZNAS of East Kalimantan, KH Fachrul Ghazi, stated that the idea to established the first provincial Puskas BAZNAS was inspired by the role that has been played by national Puskas BAZNAS. "We expect that establishment of this institution can provide strategic input for our policy to increase the quality of zakat management particularly in the entire East Kalimantan region," the chairman said.

Dr Alfitri, a US graduate, and Dr Nurdin, a Sudan graduate, were appointed as director and vice director of East Kalimantan Puskas BAZNAS, respectively. After inauguration ceremony, Irfan Syauqi Beik accompanied by Priyesta Rizkiningsih, a Puskas senior researcher, delivered training to the new provincial Puskas leaders and executive staff of the BAZNAS of East Kalimantan.