Jakarta (5/3) - The Center of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS) BAZNAS conduct capacity building for its staff in the form of international research and publication workshops with Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafar Ismail, CEO of Marsah Collage Malaysia as a speaker. The event was conducted at Sofyan Hotel Cikini Jakarta. Join as well all of the PUSKAS BAZNAS team at that event.

As a former head of research of IRTI-IsDB, Prof. Ghaffar shared his valuable experiences as researcher to all of Puskas BAZNAS staff. The discourse was starting on current SDGs achievement of Indonesia particularly on research culture and its development in Indonesia. He highlighted that presently the research and publication rank position of Indonesia is 57th whilst Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand got the higher rank compare to Indonesia. According to him, this situation appears due to lack of high quality publication and less of fund expenditure on research and publication purposes in Indonesia.

Hence, based on the above condition, Prof. Ghaffar encouraged the researchers and relevant institutions including Puskas BAZNAS to collaborate with universities in Indonesia to incline the number of high quality research and publication as well as to increase the research fund expenditure so the research rank of Indonesia will level up. Besides, at the last session of the workshop, Prof. Ghaffar also explained to all of Puskas BAZNAS staff on how to construct a good article and publish it on the reputable journal. In addition, He also provided some advices to Puskas BAZNAS on how to develop a great research culture to be adopted internally.

Eventually, as a think thank institution under BAZNAS, this workshop is very important for Puskas BAZNAS to improve the capabilities of researchers in the future, so that they actively produce research and studies that are of good quality and internationally recognized. Dr Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal as a director of  Puskas BAZNAS said that as a researcher we must know how to produce of high quality research that has a huge impact to zakat development in Indonesia.